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Credible Productions - School Events

Raise It Up

Take Your Event and Raise It Up!

Staging is something to help with many parts of the event. Our stages can be designed and arranged for many uses:

- Help to line up the Homecoming / Prom Court
- Assist with props and decorations to make them more visible
- Create a focal point for requests

Not only do stages help with these many items for your event, but they also create a great advantage for the DJ who is running the music. The best way for a DJ to help pick the correct songs to be able to accurately see what the crowd is and is not dancing to. A stage helps the stage see the entire room while also helping to protect the equipment and avoid "table bumping".

Our stage are easily arranged into a variety of configurations and heights. Below is an example of a two-tier stage with the DJ on the center platform and the Homecoming Court to be placed on the lower stage directly in front of the crowd.

Whether it is a small stage for the DJ or an entire runway for your Homecoming or Prom Court, a stage will help to raise that level of a professional look to new expectations.

Lighting Like The Pros

The One Part The Should Never Be Overlooked...LIGHTING!

When it comes to creating an atmosphere sound systems are needed, decorations are nice, but lighting is what helps transform the area from average to a real PARTY!

Our lighting rigs are done in the same manner as professional production companies at a fraction of the cost. We use only intelligent lighting. What does that mean? That means our lighting rigs are all computer controlled giving us a wide range of options throughout the night. 

You have the homecoming court coming on stage? We can program the lights to light up the entire room and focus their spotlights onto the stage to help everyone see. Is there a new song that everyone's goes crazy for? Our lighting rig can transform into a vibrant strobe of colors and spotlights moving all over the room! From slow songs to club beats our lights will go to the music and help reinforce that party atmosphere. There are no plug and play lights in our professional rigs.

Not only can we use our lights to help kick up the dance floor but we can also help to decorate and accent your theme. There are up lights, wash lights, black lights and even LED furniture that we can use to help reinforce the general theme of the event. 

So make sure you stop to ask how we can help to change the entire view and idea of what you think a lighting rig should be like for your dance.

Check out how we can combine our trussing design with our lighting rigs to take this gym...

...add in some trussing and intelligent lighting...

...and turn it into THIS!!

Pro Audio Systems

It Isn't A Party If The Place Isn't Filled With Clear Booming Sound!!

What is a dance without great high quality sound. We at Credible Productions use nothing but the best for your event. Using top of the line manufacturers in the sound industry we have comprised a collection of speakers perfect for your event. Whether there will only be 50 people or 2,000 people we have the ideal sound system for your venue. We promised to recommend exactly what you will need so from front to back of the room everyone will hear and feel the music.

Our top of the line system will leave the floor shaking while we load in over 20,000 watts of sound to the room. No high school gym or convention center is too big for our pro rig. We maintain a perfect streak of never having anyone asking us to "turn it up"!!

These sound systems used along side our professional and experienced DJ's allow for the ideal experience for your school dance!!

Your Dance You Way

Your Dance and Your Visions Done The Way You Want It

It may not seem like it, but your time in school is short, so make every event as memorable as possible. Call CPE today and let us create a moment in time you will cherish forever.

CPE invests in the latest lighting and sound equipment to truly 'wow' your guests. Whether you want a club-like atmosphere with thumping bass or a tranquil romantic setting , we can do it all. Not sure how much sound and light you will need? Worry not, leave your concerns to us. We will personally conduct a walk-through of your venue and discuss all options to maximize audio/visual performance.

Complete guided assistance is provided by CPE to educate you and allow you to chose the perfect entertainment solution for your event. We are not in business to up sell you to higher priced packages, we are in business to serve you, address your needs and exceed your expectations. Share your vision with Credible Productions and we will develop a personalized package for your school at a cost that will not break your budget.

Give us your themes, colors and ideas and we will use our team and resources to put together the perfect event. Whether it be, Pirates, Romans, Love Couples, Midnight in Paris, Arabian Nights or a Glow Party we will help to create the desired atmosphere.