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Cinestars, what is that?

Cinestars is an outdoor movie experience which will transform your backyard or any other venue into your personal movie theater.

This service can be combined with other equipment rentals to enhance a party or used independently if you simply want a backyard movie party. Our variety of inflatable screens allow you to choose the perfect screen for your viewing audience. Screens range in size allowing CPE to easily accommodate a private backyard party or large audiences up to several hundred people.

Each Cinestars setup provided by Credible Productions includes all the required equipment and a trained technician to monitor and maintain the equipment throughout your event. Packages provide speakers, a projector, and a microphone for use by the host of the event. For those who seek the true movie theater experience, Credible Productions offers sound system upgrades to larger speakers and big bass thumping subwoofers.

What are you going to feature on your newly rented movie screen? Whatever you want! If it can be shown on a television in your house, it can be shown on our larger inflatable screens. Credible Productions can hook up a DVD player, one of your favorite video game systems, or even LIVE television events. Enhance your event by playing music videos, home movies, and slide shows, or create an all out movie night experience. When planning your next gathering of friends, family, or coworkers, book your giant inflatable screen and enjoy your personal Cinema under the Stars.

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