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Credible Productions - Events

Truss Design and Rentals

Trussing is a way to help build onto and take your event to the next level. Our trussing solutions at Credible Productions give you the opportunity to create a temporary structure in an area of your event. That structure can be used to place your large projection screen for your presentation. to build a roof over your stage, or to display your advertising banners up for everyone to see. These are just a few examples of the endless possibility our trussing rentals can help you accomplish. All of our trussing comes in a variety of lengths and sizes. Along with all the accessories you would need we can help make your vision come to be real. Check out some of our examples below of our unique Trussing Solutions.

Displaying Banners and Advertisements:

Dance Floor Roof / Decoration:

Video Screen Displays:

Lighting Towers:

Stage Rentals - Staging Accessories

All of our stages come complete with various options of accessories. Depending on the stage that you are needing there are options that include:

Stairs / Ramps:

Indoor Skirting:

Outdoor Skirting:

Stage Rentals - Riser Stage Rental

Indoor events may require something simple to elevate a band or a presentation off the ground. If a basic design is required then our riser platforms are ideal for the event. Coming in sections that are 4' x 8' in size, these platforms offer great satge solutions for many uses. These riser are on adjustable legs that range from 8" to 24". The great part about thus stage is that is can be used for indoor or outdoor use! So if you need to have your band, presentation or choir group become a focal point of the event, but do not require a tall stage, the risers are the perfect choice!

Stage Rentals - Indoor Stage Rental

If you are searching for a smaller scale stage with the most configuration options, we recommend our Road Ready Stage (RRS) Rental. Our RRS is assembled in 4’x4’ sections with a capacity rating of 185 pounds per square foot. This stage is amazingly portable, light weight, and can be arranged in a variety of heights ranging from eight (8) to thirty-two (32) inches. Road Ready Stages can be configured as different size standard rectangles or two original options, triangular and semi- circle. Triangular and semi-circle stages create a distinctive focal point in the room and add to the uniqueness of your event. Allow your staging ideas to become a reality with our RRS, and with your stage rental, leave the set up process to us.

Stage Rentals - Outdoor Stage Rental

Credible Productions recommends the Bridge Stage rental for larger outdoor events. The Bridge Stage is constructed from 4'x8' sections which offers a robust design that 'bridges' pieces from one set of risers to another, thus distributing the load. Bridging provides excellent support while allowing for amble storage space under the stage. This stage can be raised to heights ranging from two (2) to six (6) feet and comes with a no slip weather resistant surface. Optional guard rails, stairs and skirting may be ordered to give the stage a clean, finished appearance.